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Clough Estate 35 parcels of real estate at absolute auction in Roane
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Discover. Bid. Win.

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Absolute Auction - Clough Estate 37 parcels of Real Estate

by Ayers Auction & Realty


Mar 17, 2018 - Saturday March 17th at 10 A.M. Eastern


Clough Estate
276 Patton Lane
Harriman, TN 37748


Live Auction


Cash or good check accepted, no debit/credit cards accepted. Online bidders will also submit cash/check. To see a property, call Clough Properties @ 865-882-8600. Click on view lots to view catalog.
Auction in Cooperation with Stephenson Realty & Auction.

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Conducted By

Ayers Auction & Realty

2309 Jacksboro Pike
LaFollette, TN 37766

LaFollette Office: (423) 562-4941
Oneida Office: (423) 569-7922
LaFollette TAL# 407, Oneida TAL# 3949

Ending Time

Mar 17, 2018 2:00 PM

Auction Listing

Clough Estate * Absolute Auction

37 Parcels of Real Estate

Saturday, March 17th, at 10 A.M.

Auction site: Roane State Community College, 276 Patton Lane, Harriman, TN

Commercial Buildings * Homes * Mobile Homes * Vacant Commercial & Residential Lots

Bid Live or Online!

Property Located in Roane, Morgan, and Cumberland Counties.

Download complete brochure by clicking on view documents

To schedule an appointment to see a property, call Clough Properties @



Catalog matching photos to addresses coming soon


1. 224 Roane St., Harriman – Commercial lot fronting on HWY 27 S. Roane St. water, sewer, gas, electric. Metal garage being used as Hilltop Auto Sales & Service Center.

Tax map 026J grp F, ctrl map 0260, parcel 002.01. Tax Appraised $105,400.00


2. 509 Roane St., Harriman – 1,248 sq/ft commercial building on HWY 27 N. Roane St. Downtown.

Tax map 026F, grp G, parcel 004.00. Tax Appraised $42,100.00


3. 1246 S. Roane St., Harriman – 1,500 sq/ft commercial garage building, fronting on HWY 27 S. Roane St. & Old Valley Rd., all utilities available, detached carport unfinished.

Tax map 036A, grp D, parcel 012.00. Tax Appraised $80,400.00


4. 1944 Ruritan Road, Harriman - 6 Acre commercial lot with a 3BR Doublewide with 2 baths and (2) older single wide mobile homes that need repair.

Tax map 046, parcel 038.00.  Tax Appraisal $79,200.00


5. 108 Powell Ave, Harriman – Commercial block building, central H&A, office/shop location, kitchen, 2 baths, 3 offices, waiting area, reception area, lots of storage, 1,760 sq/ft.

Tax map 036A, grp E, parcel 002.01. Tax Appraisal $105,200.00


6. 204 Carlock Ave, Harriman – 1,092 sq/ft home water, sewer, gas & electric available. 2 BR, bath and built in 1942.

Tax map 036B, grp C, parcel 001.00. Tax Appraisal $15,300.00


7. 219 Carlock Ave, Harriman – 920 sq/ft, bath, detailed unfinished garage, 2BR, built in 1940.

Tax map 035B, grp B, ctrl map 036G, parcel 026.00. Tax Appraisal $33,500.00


8. 102 Carroll Dr., Harriman – Pine Hills Subdivision, 2BR, 848 sq/ft, bath, central H&A, corners Carr & Carroll, built in 1944.

Tax map 036H, grp G, parcel 008.00. Tax Appraisal $38,200.00


9. 435 Carroll Dr., Harriman – 1,061 sq/ft, bath, 2BR, built 1942.

Tax map 036H, grp G, parcel 007.00. Tax Appraisal $32,800.00


10. 509 E. Dunn Street, Rockwood – 672 sq/ft, bath, 2 BR, older home, utility building, built 1958.

Tax map 055H, grp H, parcel 017.00. Tax Appraisal $50,400.00


11. 201 Emory Heights Rd., Harriman – Home with 670 sq/ft, plus 14’ x 66’ mobile home, water, sewer, gas, electric available, large lot.

Tax map 026L, grp F, parcel 006.00. Tax Appraisal $41,000.00


12. 711 Joiner Hollow Rd., Rockwood – 896 sq/ft, central H&A, bath, 2 BR, built in 1953.

Tax map 055I, grp C, parcel 00800. Tax Appraisal $40,100.00


13. 134 Lincoln Dr., Harriman – 624 sq/ft with a unfinished basement, bath, large patio, corner of Washington and Lincoln, central H&A, 1 BR up, 1 BR down, built in 1930.

Tax map 017M, grp C, parcel 008.00. Tax Appraisal $48,100.00


14. 113 Long Dr., Harriman – 930 sq/ft home, 2 BR, bath, Pine Hills  subdivision, built in 1940.

Tax map 036G, grp A, parcel 019.00. Tax Appraisal $36,000.00


15. 204 Long Dr., Harriman – 775 sq/ft home with basement in Pine Hills subdivision, central H&A, bath, 2BR, built in 1944.

Tax map 036H, grp H, parcel 018.00. Tax Appraisal $39,500.00


16. 117 Love Dr., Harriman – Home with 2 BR, bath, new roof, needs some updating, detached unfinished garage, central H&A, in the Pine Hills subdivision, built in 1944.

Tax map 036H, grp G, parcel 014.00. Tax Appraisal $36,700.00


17. 119 Love Dr., Harriman – 1,300 sq/ft, 2 BR, 2 baths, efficiency apt, in Pine Hills subdivision, built in 1944.

Tax map 036H, grp G, parcel 013.00. Tax Appraisal $51,600.00


18. 125 Love Dr., Harriman – 1,128 sq/ft, 3 BR, 2 baths, garage, in Pine Hills subdivision, built in 1944.

Tax map 036H, grp G, parcel 011.00. Tax Appraisal $50,600.00


19. 130 Love Dr., Harriman – 1,204 sq/ft, central H&A, 5 BR, bath, corner of Love & Carr, big yard, built in 1944.

Tax map 036H, grp F, parcel 013.00. Tax Appraisal $49,400.00


20. 310 Massengill Springs Rd., Harriman – A 2BR home needing repairs with approx. 912 sq/ft and built in 1964.

Tax map 007, parcel 081.00. Tax Appraisal $32,100.00


21. 201 N. Trinity Ave, Rockwood – 1,107 sq/ft, 2 BR, bath, center H&A, out building, built in 1960.

Tax map 054C, grp D, parcel 029.00. Tax Appraisal $19,800.00


22. 132 S. Third St., Kingston – 840 sq/ft home, central H&A, 2 BR, bath, brick rancher, basement, corner of 3rd & Church, built in 1955.

Tax map 058G, grp G, parcel 005.00. Tax Appraisal $63,200.00


23. 201 Walker St., Harriman – older home on the corner Walker and Delaney

Tax map 0260, grp G, parcel 001.00. Tax Appraisal $51,700.00

To be sold contingent hold on proper approval by Harriman Regional Planning Commission

Mobile Homes

24. 315 Old Valley Rd., Harriman – 14�x60, 2 BR mobile home.

Tax map 036H, grp A, ctrl map 035E, parcel 013.01. Tax Appraisal $16,700.00


25. 3077 Harriman HWY, Harriman – 27’x66’ double wide, 3 BR, 2 baths, with a 30’x24’ detached garage.

Tax map 012, parcel 023.00. Tax Appraisal $53,900.00


26. HWY 27, Morgan County – 12’x65’ single wide mobile home on 1.72 acre lot.

Tax map 155, parcel 053.09. Tax Appraisal $17,300.00


27. 1907 Ruritan Rd., Harriman – 70’x14’ mobile home with addition, unfinished detached garage, large lot, no title.

Tax map 046G, grp A, parcel 016.00. Tax Appraisal $30,900.00


28. 605 W. Wheeler St., Rockwood – 2 BR mobile home, 14’x66’, no title.

Tax map 054C, grp C, parcel 005.00. Tax Appraisal $15,700.00


29. 607 W. Wheeler St., Rockwood – 1995 Crimson 16’x80’ mobile home.

Tax map 054C, grp C, parcel 004.00. Tax Appraisal $17,600.00


30. 917 N. Wilder Ave, Rockwood – 1996 mobile home 14’x46’, 2BR, needs repair, no title.

Tax map 044P, grp A, parcel 008.01. Tax Appraisal $18,000.00


31. 243 Woody Ave, Harriman – 28’x64’ doublewide, 3BR, 2 baths.

Tax map 036G, grpB, parcel 013.00. Tax Appraisal $48,700.00


Vacant Lots

32. 730 Bluff Rd., Harriman – water, sewer, electric available, paved road frontage.

Tax map 046M, grp A, parcel 017.02. Tax Appraisal $15,000.00


33. 1406 Margrave Drive, Harriman - water, sewer, electric available, paved road frontage.

Tax map 017M, grp P, parcel 005.00. Tax Appraisal $2,800.00


34. 2033 Menasha Dr., Crossville – lot 337 in Comanche subdivision, water, gas,  electric, restricted, no soil test has been done.

Tax map 137M, grp D, parcel 048.00. Tax Appraisal $6,500.00


35. 301 Pine Ridge Dr., Harriman – 1 acre vacant lot with water and electric, lots of road frontage.

Tax map 013, parcel 016.15. Tax Appraisal $18,000.00


36. 110 Swan Pond Rd., Harriman – vacate lot an old home place site that has burned down, water, sewer, gas, and electric available.

Tax map 026N, grp E, parcel 002.00. Tax Appraisal $2,000.00


37. 813 Unaka St., Harriman – small vacant lot with water, sewer, gas and electric available.

Tax map 026C, grp F, parcel 023.01. Tax Appraisal $2,300.00

In cooperation with Bear Stephenson Auction & Realty

Real Estate: 10% Down day of auction, balance upon closing within 90 to 120 days.

10% Buyers Premium

Homes built before 1978 will have a 10 day period prior to the sale to inspect the homes for the presence of lead base paint.

Closings to be done by Title One

Information is derived from sources derived to be true, but not guaranteed. Buyers should inspect all properties prior to bidding. All properties are being sold as is with any and all faults.

Announcements day of auction take precedence over all written or oral statements.

Properties may be added or removed prior to Auction day.

The real estate being sold is all part of real estate owned by Tony Clough and/or one of his sole proprietorships, National Amusement or CT Enterprises.

For the properties that were purchased by Mr. Clough as a part of a tax sale, a title opinion only can be issued which will reflect any and all encumbrances against the property. Title insurance cannot be offered or purchased for these properties. Title One staff will be there at the auction and will be available to answer any questions in this regard. We will have a copy of all of the Estates deeds at the auction and should be able to let anyone know if the property they are interested in is a tax sale property or not. It is the buyers responsibility to inquire regarding this PRIOR to bidding.

The estate does have significant value so the estate has liability for estate taxes both to the Internal Revenue Service and to the State of TN Department of Revenue. This requires the IRS and the Department of Revenues participation in each closing. We are required to have both IRS approval and a Consent to Transfer from the State of TN prior to any closing. Due to this fact, we anticipate but cannot guarantee a closing within 90 days. All contracts will specify a projected closing date or such later date as may be necessary in order to secure the appropriate approvals from the State of TN and IRS.

For properties purchased by Mr. Clough at tax sales that are improved with mobile homes, it is quite likely that the estate will not be in possession of the original title to the mobile homes. Each property designates whether or not the mobile home title will be available to transfer from the Estate. If the estate does not have the title, the mobile home will be transferred by a bill of sale only. No warranty will be provided. The purchase/sale of these tracts should be considered land only.

Property taxes will be prorated to the date of closing.

Each buyer is encouraged to have the title searched on the property on which they bid prior to closing. If they need a recommendation for a local title company, refer to Title One. Representatives of Title One will be present to answer any questions. These representatives will also be able to quote costs for title insurance and other closing costs that would be expected to be paid by the buyer as a standard part of any real estate closing.

The Buyer will be expected to pay of all closings costs, the title search and title insurance, if applicable, and all recording fees/transfer taxes. The Seller will pay for the preparation of the deed and of the closing costs.

Any liens or other encumbrances found against any tract of land will be satisfied by the Seller prior to or at closing.